The two biggest benefits of doing a meal prep is that it saves time and money.

Another good thing is that it couldn’t be easier.

Mason jars typically come in a pack of 6, so we’ve set up a pack and cranked out a weeks worth of lunch salads in just a few minutes.

What excuse will I use now to avoid eating a salad for lunch every day!?


We start off with our dressings, we want these at the bottom so that we can keep it separate from other ingredients that could get soggy while sitting in the fridge.

Pile on your favorite toppings, like: Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Cheese, Etc…

Add your leafy greens ( We chose spinach since it’s green like lettuce but has more good for you stuff, feel free to add anything and everything you want )

top it off with some raw onions… and some bacon bits for good measure.

Put the lids on, throw some protective  32 Oz Mason Jar Koozies on them and you’re on your way!

The only hard part about this, is eating them every day for lunch instead of eating out 🙁 Good luck!

Please let us know below if you’ve made some amazing salads! We’d love to see some new recipes and ideas.

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