• A nice hot cup of cocoa with the kids around a fire
  • Morning glass of orange juice with breakfast
  • An ice cold root beer float on a warm summer night

Glass is an extremely good heat conductor. So when your drink is hot, your jar is hot. Since we shouldn’t drink from plastics at those temperatures, We made Jar-Z to protect your hands while still maintaining all the benefits that come with using a mason jar. You can still enjoy variety and use a different Jar-Z every day while still using the same jar and creating zero waste!

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Why everyone loves their favorite mason jar koozie

“I bought these for the tile floor in our new kitchen. Our kids drink out of mason jars with lids and we were losing one a day because they are used to the more forgiving wood floors in our old house. They are well made. I dishwasher them frequently and they have held up well. Also, no more mason jars lost to the tile floor.” – Meagan O.

“Nice! They came today. Such fast shipping. Fit seems perfect. Tight enough to stay on, but not so tight I can’t slip on and off the jar as needed. These will help greatly to use our jars for drinking without worry so much if our children bump or drop them. I had been looking for something like this for quite a while that was reasonably priced.” – Shawn

“i make vegetable smoothies every morning and put them in wide moth mason jars. It has been a pain carrying them to work until I bought this jar jacket. Its perfect for my needs. I’ve dropped my jar on a hard floor and no breaks! No more jar sweat at my desk, its washable and fits perfectly!” – Kelly Petty

“This is perfect! keeps the condensation from getting on surfaces and is so cute!” – Shyla

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