The Original Mason Jar Jacket!


Why forfeit all the amazing benefits of a mason jar simply because you cannot comfortably hold the glass? Hot, Cold, or Sweaty, Jar-Z effectively prevents your precious mitts from discomfort! As if that wasn’t enough, we also provide custom design options allowing you to sip in style!

How will you use Jar-Z?

Sip hot chocolate around a camp fire

Store food safely in the refrigerator

Enjoy your favorite coffee hot or cold

Protect your snack jars

Prevent breakage when your jar falls

Toast wine with the girls on Ladies Night


Customer Stories

This is perfect! Keeps the condensation from getting on surfaces and is so cute!


I make vegetable smoothies every morning & put them in wide mouth mason jars. It has been a pain carrying them to work until I bought this jar jacket. Its perfect for my needs. I’ve dropped my jar on a hard floor & no breaks! No more jar sweat at my desk, its washable & fits perfectly!

Kelly P.

I bought these for the tile floor in our new kitchen. Our kids drink out of mason jars with lids & we were losing one a day because they are used to the more forgiving wood floors in our old house. They are well made. I dishwasher them frequently & they have held up well. Also, no more mason jars lost to the tile floor!

Meagon O.