We’re Planting A Tree For Every Jar-Z Sold!

Order your Jar-Z by April 22nd 2016 and we will plant a tree to give the earth new life and help make it little bit better. :)


Take steps to reduce the amount of garbage you burden the earth with.

Reduce Waste

Instead of throwing away that daily coffee cup, even if it’s biodegradable, help make a difference by choosing to use a reusable container.


Glass mason jars will last through a life time of use!

Reuse Your Jar

Reusing the same quality mason jar year, after year, after year, can really make an impact when we come together and make good decisions for the planet we’re leaving for our children.


There are a ton of jars full of products that you can recycle into a number of uses

Recycle Jars

No matter what you need it for at the time, mason jars can probably handle it. When you’re done you can use it for something else, clean it out and drink from it again!

Check out our Earth Day Designs!

Help spread the word and make a difference in the world today, tomorrow, and every day! :)